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    The Virginia Creeper Trail is a 34-mile shared-use trail that spans from  Abingdon, Virginia to the North Carolina border just past Whitetop Station, Virginia.
     Once a Native American footpath, a traveled trail for pioneers and explorers, and a slow-moving railway,  it is now one of the country's premier hiking, biking and equestrian trails.  In fact, the VCT has been named one of the top shared-use trails in the country.
     The trail's name is derived from two sources; the train that, beginning in the early 1900's, crept up the mountain carrying passengers and goods, and the Virginia Creeper vine that grows prolifically in the area.  The Creeper last traveled on this trail in March of 1977.
     The VCT has 47 trestles  crossing rivers, through gorges and bridging scenic farm land.  The surface is fine gravel and cinders and provides an excellent tread for walking, running and biking.
      The towns of Abingdon and Damascus own and maintain the trail between them.  The trail from Damascus to Whitetop Station is in the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area (MRNRA) in the Jefferson National Forest with a short span that is privately owned.  Camping is allowed ONLY in the MRNRA.
     The VCT provides activities for all ages.  Mountain Biking is perhaps the most popular sport on the trail, with serious bikers finding challenge in the ride up the mountain while novice bikers enjoying the ride down. Shuttle services and bike rentals are available in Damascus within walking distance of Creeper Trail Cottages.  Fly Fishing in the local streams, Bird Watching and Wild Flower Identification are some of the other great activities to find along the trail.

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     Mountain Bikers find the Virginia Creeper Trail a challenge to ride.  There are also over 200 miles of other trails in the Damascus area that have been blazed by local bike enthusiasts. Directions and maps to these routes are available at the local bike shop and from bikeguy.net. 

For more information on the Creeper Trail, and other trails in the Damascus area, Check out Creeper Trail Depot.

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